Lectures Which Generate Insights and Enrich Lives

Another means of enhancing success is through talks and lectures, which spark discussions on key topics. Universities, conferences, trade associations and community groups have been exceptional venues for sharing ideas and generating insights.

The foundation for these talks is real life experience — both failures and successes— over the past forty years and, more recently, how we were able to achieve success and develop people through Purpose, Culture, Creativity, and Culture.

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Featured Lecture Topics

Creativity as a Key Success Factor in Business and in Life

Recent surveys have consistently identified Creativity as an essential success factor in business. Findings that “a creative life is a fulfilled life” reveal a new and interesting path for us. However, we need to begin by properly defining Creativity and how it’s more than being artistic. A fun and sometimes surprising deep dive into Creativity.

Career “Toolbox of the Future”

In a VUCA world, we need to balance our focus between skillset and mindset. The 4 C’s— Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Creativity— are a great foundation for implementing strategies which allow us to be marketable and successful in designing our future.

Essentials of Leadership

Daily, we read and hear of the importance of leadership and stories of outstanding leaders. What are the essentials of good leadership? Are we ready to abandon the “smartest person in the room” and “command and control” behaviors in exchange for developing truly effective leaders? A challenging, important, and inspiring discussion for young professionals and experienced leaders.

Global Marketing

In today’s e-commerce and social media environment, managing and building brands has never been more challenging– or rewarding. Traditional geographic boundaries have been blurred and old segmentation tools no longer relevant. What are the keys to successfully navigating global markets? We will use real experience and lessons shared in recent North American Entry Bootcamps in this talk.

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