Going 4 The WINIn 2023 after a forty-year career as a Sales/Marketing executive and CEO with great brands like LEGO, Readers Digest, Playmobil and Faber-Castell, I decided it was time to redirect my energy, passion, market knowledge and leadership experience to something new.

We live and seek to succeed in today’s VUCA world– Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous. It is within this environment we need to solve problems and innovate. Fix and Create.

4 the Win has been intentionally designed to help individuals, teams, organizations, and communities find success and fulfillment by aligning effective strategy with Purpose, Culture, Creativity, and Clarity.

I look forward to discussing your specific needs, challenges and opportunities so that we can create a gameplan which is practical, affordable and, above all, effective for you and your company.

“I have seen this approach work for individuals, for teams, and for organizations. It is a key success factor when living and operating in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous environment. This doesn’t simply encompass a skillset but also a mindset which becomes a critical asset in times of rapid change and when entering new markets.”

– Jamie Gallagher

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4 Pillars of Success and Fulfillment

  • Purpose

    As Simon Sinek has taught us, it starts with “Why”. With a strong foundation in knowing Our Why, we establish a united purpose which keeps us aligned and focused. Strategy, tactics, resource allocation and execution begin with Purpose.

  • Culture

    A company Culture is more than what we say. It’s our behavior and what we do consistent with our Purpose. How do we view Trust, Failure, Change and Leadership? Companies and teams with a strong Culture are ready to face the uncertainty and challenges of our VUCA world today—– and face it together.

  • Creativity

    If you could gain a “super-power” to solve problems and generate new ideas of value, would you sign up? Creativity is that super-power and its not about being artistic. To find success and fulfillment, we will need to be our most creative selves and adopt the mindset and create an environment to cultivate this 21st century super-power.

  • Clarity

    It is a busy, distracted world. Lots of options, choices, decisions and tasks. Availability of content, data, and media fragmentation are like never before. Fewer staff, more complicated work. Our ability to generate insight and choose wisely comes from leading with Clarity. Creating a focus with clear priorities and expectations leads teams to what is essential, uses scarce resources effectively and delivers results.

What We Do

Backed by 40 years of executive experience, 4 the Win specializes in helping companies and individuals succeed in today’s world by placing a unique emphasis on Purpose, Culture, Creativity and Clarity. Intentionally making these part of the strategic process forges a competitive advantage and drives market success.